Speech in Action is the publisher of Cool Speech and Phonology for Listening.

A prize-winning publisher

Our first publication, a CDROM, appeared in 2002 – the British/Irish Version of Streaming Speech: Listening and Pronunciation for Advanced Learners of English. This was a ten chapter publication for advanced learners of English which uses unscripted speech.

The course was conceived by Richard Cauldwell while working at the University of Birmingham in England. It proved a popular classroom resource for teachers, and a novel learning tool for students working at an advanced level.


In 2004 Streaming Speech won an ELTON, the British Council’s award for Innovations in English Language Teaching. The picture on the right shows Catherine Walter presenting the ELTON to Richard Cauldwell.

In 2005 the web site www.speechinaction.com was launched. Four full courses were available on this site: the original Streaming Speech, an American Canadian version of Streaming Speech, and two Listening to Accents publications.

Streaming Speech online courses were delivered using Fabris, a learning management system developed by my then technology partner, Mike Beilby of CBLProjects Ltd. A particular feature of Fabris is its ability to embed Flash movies in lessons and present the student with questions of various types, animations, sound and video.

Speechinaction publications arise from 30 years of research and teaching. The systems of Discourse Intonation are used as a ‘window on speech’ to build the publications, and to conduct research into natural speech.

Richard Cauldwell’s own publications have a close relationship between research, teacher-training, and classroom practice.

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