in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

EIL/ELF – Dorah describes a wedding tradition

Dorah is from South Africa, her first language is Sotho. She is speaking to Sheila about a traditional wedding in her village in South Africa. The extract is taken from some experimental listening materials I am working on with Sheila Thorn of The Listening Business.

D: They would come in the morning and then there is um… Um, I won’t say it’s, it’s a present, but, it’s um… It’s one of our traditions. There will be… an offering – if I may call it?
S: Mmm, mm.
D: …they will give them – a sheep or a goat.
S: Right.
D: It’s for them and then they have to slaughter it.
S: So they give them a live sheep?
D: Yeah, a live sheep or a live goat.

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