in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

For Students – How to use Cool Speech


This is an easy-to-read introduction which explains how to use Cool Speech. You can also see videos explaining how to use Cool Speech here.

Guide: Explore

This is a guide on what to notice when you go to the Hotspots/Explore screens, and tap once to hear the fast original, and tap twice to hear slow clear pronunciations.

Record of Work

This form enables you to keep track of the work you do with Cool Speech. You can see how much work you have done, and how much remains for you to do. Click the image to download.


Click on the image to read the Help file. It is also in the app itself.

One Response to For Students – How to use Cool Speech

  • Your CoolSpeech app looks great. Does it come in an Android or Kindle version, or only IPAD version?