in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

Jessica Cobley and Becky Steven, writing in English Australia Journal

This added several dimensions to our lessons, particularly at an intermediate level … We particularly liked the app’s unique ability to incorporate a number of skills into one whole lesson … the Cool Speech app is a must for spicing up pronunciation courses. More here.

Andrzej Pacek, University Professor, UK

Real English at my fingertips, at different speeds. Wonderful. Fantastic way of improving my spoken English.

Martin Hewings, author of ‘Advanced Pronunciation in Use’

Cool Speech is brilliant! An exciting and innovative way of helping English learners face the challenges of listening to and producing fluent speech.

Wayne Rimmer, Director of Studies – Moscow

I must admit that I have never been very up to speed on technology but ‘Cool Speech’ looks a really great individualised product and I was thinking that it would work really well with teenagers too as it makes pron, dare I say it, look a bit more sexy.

Sheila Thorn – The Listening Business

Richard Cauldwell’s Hotspots builds on his seminal Streaming Speech product by exposing students to those features of informal spoken English which they find so challenging. Hotspots embraces the latest iPad technology to allow students, in their own time, to decode short extracts from authentic interviews with a wide range of native English speakers. Using different functions, students can listen to more carefully articulated versions of what will, at first, seem an almost unintelligible stream of speech, thus training their ears and helping boost their confidence in their ability to listen effectively to authentic spoken English.

HF, Phonetician, Australia

Insightful and inventive techniques, masterful use of latest technology.

Publisher, UK

It looks really slick!

Professor, USA

Everything I tried worked beautifully…