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In touch with real speech

Jungle Listening

Jungle Listening – Survival Tips for Fast Speech – Free materials

Jungle Listening is a set of ten units which aim to make students (B1 upwards) familiar and comfortable with the unruliness and messiness of fast speech. They have been piloted in France, Thailand and Poland. Each of the ten activities focuses on a key phrase which is spoken at a variety of speeds. Students do vocal gymnastics at slow (Greenhouse), medium (Garden) and fast (Jungle) speeds. Every activity is designed to make them feel at home with the extremes of speed in stream of speech.

You can download the student’s book, teacher’s book and audio files from here

And you can read comments from teachers of the pilot, Frédérique Freund in France here, Damien Herlihy in Thailand here, and Marta Nowacka in Poland here.

A Moodle module  for Jungle Listening

A Moodle module, developed by Alice Henderson and Frédérique Freund is available – email Alice Henderson to find out more.

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The purpose of Jungle Listening is to teach your students to be familiar and comfortable with English speech of all speeds, so that they can perceive and understand normal everyday speech. There are ten units, each of which focuses on a key phrase. Each unit starts with recordings in British English, but then goes on to feature American, and other English accents. Each unit has ten sections, in two parts. The first part – which takes about 20 minutes of class time – can be taught using either (a) the conventional combination of paper and sound files or (b) using paper plus Sonocent’s AudioNotetaker. The second part  will add about another 40 minutes, but is best done as homework.