in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

Poland – Marta Nowacka

There are two versions of Jungle Listening. The first, simple version, is presented in conventional paper and sound files. The second, enhanced version, uses Sonocent’s AudioNotetaker – of which you can get a full working copy for 30-odd days from here. Marta’s evaluation questions to her students included a focus on AudioNotetaker.

1. Is AudioNotaker easy to manage?

Majority of the students say yes – 19/21. Those (2) who say it’s not easy pointed to the fact that when one recording stops, another recording immediately switches on, which they did not like.
All of them benefited from slowing down speech function. We did that together on “I beg you pardon” unit 3.

2. Are activities 8-10 useful for the development of listening?

YES 20/21
NO 1/21

3. Students’ comments on activities 1-8

“I liked vocal gymnastics although they were a bit tongue-twisting.”
“Exercises are good, helpful in practising fast-speaking.”
“I think that the most useful activity is vocal gymnastics.”

Teacher’s comments on activities 1-8

As a teacher I like AudioNotaker activities a lot – if only I could use them (equipment – projector and speakers in the classroom) that is how I would like to practise listening and making students aware of the reductions in speech.

General comment

When it comes to the activities 1-8 as awareness-raising tasks I think the dialogues with the focus on one particular feature are excellent. I’m not sure if the round activity with three voices works well – I prefer an easier version – me indicating slow tempo and students aiming at reduced speech. The level of all supplementary activities is appropriate for my students – they are B1/B2 students.