in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech


Phonology for Listening is a textbook for all teachers of English. It takes the plight of the learner-listener as its starting point. It is getting rave reviews (which you can read here) and it has been shortlisted for two prizes: the English Speaking Union’s English Language Book Award (2103) and the Ben Warren-International House Trust Prize (2014).

To hear the sound files which are embedded in the eBook, you should download the ePub version you buy here into iBooks or the EMS epub reader in Google Chrome. Please note that not all eBook readers can play the sound files. Those that can include Apple devices with iBooks installed, the EMS epub reader in Google Chrome (on PCs, but not smart devices), and PlayEpub Reader on Blackberry 10. If your reader cannot play the sound files, you may download them separately from here – no payment is required.

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