in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

JSLP – Sinem Sonsaat

Sinem Sonsaat has written a review in the first issue of a new journal, Journal of Second Language Pronunciation. Her review ends with this stunning last paragraph:

This book is definitely as crucial to second language pronunciation teaching and learning as it is to listening. Currently I am teaching oral communication skills to the international teaching assistant at Iowa State University. As a non-native English speaking instructor, this book changed my view and approach to pronunciation teaching. I have always been aware of the strong connection between listening and pronunciation, but I never knew how to use this connection between listening and pronunciation for pronunciation teaching purposes. To the best of my knowledge, there has been no book with provides such clear examples and activities as Phonology for Listening has done so far. It provides teachers with clear guidelines about how to teach, how to listen to the soundshapes in speech units, and how to deal with what learners might not catch in spontaneous speech. The best feature is that the approach taken is based on research findings and a sound theoretical background.

And the review finishes with this sentence:

It is a great book for any teacher who wants to know more about how to teach both listening and pronunciation, as well as for teachers who wonder how to clearly present the connection between listening and pronunciation.