in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

Mountains not Monotones

mountainsClick on the image to get a pdf of my presentation at PronSIG Brighton, 8th October 2016.

Teaching presentation skills: Some of my postgraduate students (Electronic and Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering) had a problem with monotonous delivery of carefully prepared speech. I devised materials using graphics, text, and sound chunks from Martin Hewings’s Cambridge Academic English Intermediate textbook. 

AudioNotetaker enables me to have images, text, and audio side by side in the same view. Great. But even better is the fact that the audio is presented in pause-defined chunks, and I can assign each chunk a colour code. I can move the audio around (copy, cut and paste as well as colour code) and edit it pretty much as easily as I can edit text. And I can have the equivalent of four components of any textbook side by side in the same view: Images, Teacher’s book instructions, Student book text, and audio chunks. Download a 30 day free trial from here.