in touch with real speech
In touch with real speech

CPD for teachers

I offer workshops for teachers to improve the teaching of listening. The focus is on decoding, and on making the most of the recordings contained in textbooks. The workshops range from one hour to a week in length. You can see me giving a session here.

Forthcoming workshops and talks

Electronic Village Online: Listening – Decoding January – 29th 2017

A ninety minute session, shared with Sheila Thorn, on decoding.
More information here.



IATEFL 2017 – Glasgow – April 6th 2017

A Syllabus for Listening: Less Top Down, More Bottom up.




Recent workshops

English UK Teachers Conference 12th November 2016englishuktalk

A fifty minute workshop 12:30-13:20 – Jungle Listening: Survival Tips for Fast Speech



High_LowJungle Listening: High- and Low-tech Approaches to Teaching the Stream of Speech

Click on the image to see the video.


IH_BasqueWhy is Listening Difficult? Reasons, Causes, Solutions

Click on the image to see the handout.



IH_GeneralConsonant Death and the Teaching of Listening Perception

Click on the image to see the handout.



Accent_and_IdentityAccent and Identity – Prejudice and Insecurity

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PlayingPlaying with Soundshapes: Dynamic Activities for Teaching Listening

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